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Collaborative Data Center Design and Operations Learning

Isaak Technologies Training provide a collaborative learning experience where all participants gain knowledge through the experiences and problem solving discussions between the other course participants and the instructor.

> DCDC101 BICSI DCDC Exam Preparation

An online or 1-day on-site course to prepare you for the BICSI DCDC exam.  Course content includes a focused study guide and access to online practice exams.

> DCA150 Advancements in Data Center Design & Operations

A 4-day course providing an overview of the process to design the data center facility and network infrastructure, identifying the coordination that is required between facilities and IT.

> DCN225 Data Center Network Design & Computer Room Layout

A 4-day course providing an in-depth review of best practices involved in coordinating all the equipment within the data center computer room and a detailed analysis of various data center network architectures, topologies and supporting cabling infrastructure design considerations and available solutions.

> DCOM125 Data Center Operations

A 3-day course where students will identify appropriate metrics to support management and develop the operating procedures that are critical to the success of the data center.

> DCE100 Data Center Strategy Executive Briefing

A 1-day overview of data center strategies including in-house enterprise, private cloud, hybrid cloud and outsourced public cloud and colocation strategies. You will be able to quickly define business requirements to provide strategic direction to the data center planning and design team.

> Custom Corporate Data Center Training

Customized data center design and operations training is available for private courses for your internal personal or invited guests.

As an AFCOM Education Partner we offer AFCOM members savings on course fees.

Phil Isaak
Instructor Biography
Global Collaboration

Isaak Technologies has been providing data center training in the design and operations of data centers to clients located in 28 countries across 6 continents.  Isaak Technologies guides discussions regarding how international standards can be applied alongside local jurisdictional requirements, corporate standards, local available solutions and operational practices.

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