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DCN225: Data Center Network Design and Computer Room Layout

The DCN225 is a full 4-day course providing an in-depth review of best practices involved in coordinating all the equipment within the data center computer room, designing data center networks and the supporting cabling infrastructure. In this course you will learn the critical steps and considerations for developing a computer room layout, the data center network infrastructure design, the reliability and redundancy requirements, the process of designing the critical network infrastructure systems.


All major facets of the data center computer room equipment and network infrastructure design process are covered. You will evaluate network requirements & develop design solutions for small, medium & large data centers with various mixes of IT equipment form factors such as appliance servers, blade chassis, cartridge chassis, NAS disk arrays, SAN disk arrays and large frame processing systems.

ANSI/BICSI 002-2014

The course incorporates the TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure standard and the latest requirements, recommendations and guidelines within the ANSI/BICSI 002-2014 Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices standard. The DCN225 course will teach you to apply the best practices and strategies learned during class in the multiple hands-on design exercises.

The DCN225 course is an excellent review of the Information Technology content within the industry standards, and includes:


  • Network Infrastructure Project Process

  • Owner, Contractor and Vendor Contract Relationships

  • Reliability and Redundancy

  • Application and System Architecture

  • Multi Data Center Architecture

  • Network Architecture

  • Network Cabling Infrastructure

  • Management (DCIM, BMS, Network Performance)

  • Rack, Cabinet and Pathway Requirements

  • Computer Room Layout and Design

  • Data Center Network Commissioning

  • Power and Grounding for IT Equipment 

AFCOM Education Partner

Phil Isaak
Certified Instructor

Course Fees

USD $2,350 per student

On-Site Courses

The DCN225 course is available on-site for groups of 4 or more students. We will coordinate the course date and location to suit your schedule.

To schedule an on-site course, fill out the On-Site Training Request Form and select the DCN225 course option.

Continuing Education

All participants receive a Certificate of Completion. The DCN225 course offers 30 hours which can be applied to Continuing Education Credits (CECs), Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and Professional Development Hours (PDUs) required by professional organizations and associations throughout the world.

A syllabus identifying technical content discussed and instructor bio will be available for students to submit to their licensing organization.

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