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Custom Corporate Data Center Design & Operations Training

Isaak Technologies has provided customized corporate data center design and operations training to designers, manufacturers and end users throughout the world.  The training material is customized to cover the specific focus suitable for your team. Some of the customized courses we've provided include:

  • Provided data center design and operations training to enterprise organization together with their preferred operations support vendors. The training provided an opportunity for in depth dialog between the in-house operations team and their support vendors, discussing specific challenges they faced and identifying solutions.

  • Provided training for an engineering firm that specialize in the design of data centers along with their clients.  The engineering firm invited their clients to attend a "by invitation only" data center design and operations course. We provided data center design and operations training for the engineering firms clients, with the clients and the engineering team in attendance.  The training provided an environment for great discussions between the various end users and the engineering design team with respect to viable design options based on the unique requirements of each client.  We have worked with the engineering firm multiple times over the past 10 years, providing the customized training for their new clients each time.

  • Provided customized courses for contractor's project executives, project managers, engineers and designers.  The training material is customized to cover the specific focus suitable for the team, with an emphasis on the facility or IT systems design and operation to suit the teams learning objectives.

  • Provide data center design training to manufacturers of power, cooling and IT products commonly used in data centers. The private customized training provides a learning experience for the manufacturer's personnel.  The private course setting enables the discussions to address specific product applications, which the manufacturers would not be free to discuss in an open enrollment course.

Phil Isaak
Certified Instructor

Custom Corporate Training Request Form

Please fill out the request from and we will provide you a customized solution to meet your team's learning requirements.

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